Quaker Education

Friends School Mullica Hill is one of 81 Friends schools across the nation. Friends (Quaker) education began four centuries ago in 1689, and Quaker schools were some of the nation’s first schools, welcoming students of all backgrounds and faiths. What exactly is a “Quaker-based” education?

“The distinctive aim of Quaker education, above and beyond excellence in academic instruction, is to encourage, nurture, foster, or fashion people whose characters are influenced by the distinctive experience and perspective of the Religious Society of Friends. I did not say “converted by” or “convinced by,” “but influenced by.” The crucial insight here is that Quaker education does not seek to inculcate a set of beliefs or doctrines. It seeks to nurture a particular sort of personhood.”
From “Toward a Clearer View of Quaker Education” by Samuel D. Caldwell published by Friends Council on Education