Lower School Summer Reading

We believe that summer reading is important, and we are asking for your help in encouraging your children to read this summer. Researchers Karl Alexander and Doris Entwisle of the Johns Hopkins National Center for Summer Learning found that by the end of 5th grade, students who did not read during the summer lagged two years behind their book-reading peers.

We suggest that parents and children develop a summer routine for reading – starting on the very first day of summer vacation. Don’t delay because the “summer slide” can set in too easily. If your child is an independent reader, set a daily expectation of time to be reading – silently or aloud. In addition to independent reading, all elementary students benefit from having books read to them. Children learn not only from these books, but also from your conversations about the books.

We know that children are more likely to be engrossed in books that are chosen by them. Sometimes children need adult guidance to expand their interests or to find the book that hooks them. In the past, the Lower School teachers have generated lists of recommended books, but we have found that the lists were not personalized enough or extensive enough for our students. Therefore, we are posting recommended online book lists on our website for your reference. Your public librarian is also a great resource for children’s literature.

Recommended Online Book Lists: