Yes, 42 Bald Eagles by Teacher Peter

This past weekend my wife Mary-Ann and I attended the 17th Winter Eagle Festival in Mauricetown, Cumberland County. Friends in past years have said, “Oh, you’ll love the Eagle Fest.” Well, we did! It was an active, crowded scene at the Mauricetown firehouse with nature/wildlife vendors, nature clubs, informational booths, and live raptor demonstrations (screech […]

2017 Great Backyard Bird Count by Teacher Peter

I am pleased to announce that the 20th annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) will be held Friday, February 17th through Monday, Feb. 20th. We are all invited to participate in this worldwide four day count. It’s quite simple. For at least 15 minutes on one or any of the days of the count, simply […]

Maker Challenges Pop Up on Campus

Friends School Mullica Hill kids of all ages have been loving the Maker Challenges that have been popping up all around campus. Three MakerSpaces have been set up in the Hanshi building for the older kids and another in the Noel Baker for kindergarten and prekindergarten students. The challenges include things like building one of the […]

“Finding Their Voice” by Beth Reaves

Last month I attended The Alice Paul March for Equality with a group of students, parents and teachers.  Organized by Anna Holemans, a former Friends School Mullica Hill student, now a junior in high school at Friends Select, the march was intended to bring attention back to the ERA (equal rights amendment).  Anna shared that […]

Hands-On Innovation for Upcoming Makers Faire

Students have been busy — really busy — creating inventions and demonstrations for the upcoming Makers Faire. Projects have ranged from simple handicrafts to sophisticated electronics and 3D printed objects. Take a look at the video below to see the kids in action, developing all kinds of cool creations.

Technology Lab Goes Mobile

Our technology lab has gone mobile, thanks to a generous grant from D’Olier Foundation. All of the existing desktop PCs in the technology lab have recently been replaced with eighteen new Chromebooks. These laptops are more powerful than the old computers and even better at running the software the students use most. Being untethered from […]

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs!

Excitement was “buzzing” as bug master Paul McMahon , exterminator by trade, entomologist by interest, and father by love of kindergartner Burke, gently pulled out his magic box filled with amazing creatures (dead of course) inside small baby food jars.  One jar filled with black widow spiders might have caused our four and five year […]

Beyond Pencil and Paper: Using GeoGebra to Enhance Competency in Geometry

Protractors, rulers and compasses have gone high tech with the introduction of a new app. GeoGebra is a sophisticated mathematics app available on the students’ iPads that has been proving an especially helpful tool in Teacher Dave’s geometry classes. “GeoGebra allows the student to extend their thinking even after they’ve completed a construction through manipulating […]

Backyard Winter Bird Feeding

At some point in my youth, my mom one day attached a clear suction cup and a clear plastic bird feeder to our kitchen window. Magically, birds began to appear regularly, zooming in and out, snagging the food supplied by mom and then seeking refuge in the nearby birch tree. As winter progressed in upstate […]

Friends School Teacher on a Rescue Mission

Teacher Deb Scarborough (3rd Grade) has always had a special love for animals. Over the years, she has volunteered at animal shelters, worked in a kennel for rescue puppies and even spent some time as a veterinary technician. She sees helping animals in need as “giving a voice to the voiceless.” So, last summer it […]

What Is That Flying Over Friends School?

Often while at Friends School, may it be at the crosswalk, on the playground, or walking between the buildings, my heart has leaped at the sight of a large bird(s) soaring overhead. But if it’s soaring with its wings in the shape of a “V” and it is teetering or making wobbly circles, it’s likely […]

Friends School Mullica Hill Announces Two New Board Members

  Harrison Township, NJ – Friends School Mullica Hill, a PreK3-8th Grade independent Quaker school in Gloucester County, has announced two new members of its Board of Trustees. Joining the Board are Elizabeth Morton and Victoria Kuhn. Elizabeth Morton brings decades of administrative educational leadership experience. Most recently, she retired as Head of School from The […]

The Invasion of Wild Turkeys

As I entered the Hanshi Building the other morning, there was a buzz of excitement. Students and teachers were watching a small flock of wild turkeys slowly striding (in a pelting rain) right across the playground area. Big, majestic, and somewhat mysterious!  What’s up with these strange creatures? The wild turkey, Meleagris gallopavo, is an […]

Lower School students speak their mind about FSMH

We asked some of our Lower School students what they loved about Friends School Mullica Hill. You’ll love their answers!

Where Have All the Woodchucks Gone?

This article is part of an on-going series of nature blog posts by Teacher Peter Manzelmann. The Outdoor Learning students have made a wonderful discovery – a woodchuck burrow (also called a den) – right here on the Friends School campus! This mammal used to live under the Salem building, but it was gently encouraged […]